With ZeUPay,
banking is

Banking can be safe, secure & simple. ZeUPay is not tied to your location or citizenship. Send & receive money the easy way.

ZeUPay iPhone application

Forward-thinking banking is here

ZeUPay is a simple & powerful mobile bank

Opening an account is free, fast & easy

Why choose ZeUPay?

Easy to join

Open an account within 10 minutes from anywhere in the world regardless of citizenship or credit record, on your phone.

Send and receive for free

Send and receive money for free, conveniently from your phone.

Multi-currency wallet

Store and convert currencies with low transparent fees for cross border transfers or travel.


Your local bank is as close as your phone. Access services worldwide from the palm of your hand.

Pre-paid debit card

Pay like a local anywhere in the world with competitive exchange rates.

Manage your money

Take control of your finances, budget with ease: save money and avoid overspending.

Network of services

Access a broad range of third-party providers, enabling special features and offers for our users.


Choose which financial services you connect to. Use as many or as few as you like.


Digital banking reduces paper statements, driving to the bank, and the carbon footprint of the bank building.

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