How the dream ...

Inspiration hit our CEO, Ronald Aldor Eriksen, in South East Asia in 2010.

While working in the foreign worker sector, he gained insight into the challenges payers and workers faced. From there, he identified a market need for a better payroll and remittance solution using technology to deliver financial services to everyone, everywhere.

With 1.7 billion unserved or underserved potential customers, we call it banking the unbanked and it provides a mobile banking experience for workers, foreign labor, and non-primary bank users.

CEO of ZeUPay
Ronald Aldor Eriksen

President & Chief Executive Officer

... became reality

With streamlined KYC requirements, new users can create and activate their account in 10 minutes.

More than just a bank account, ZeUPay provides a suite of financial services allowing user to clearly see and control their money. Our team simplifies complex processes to ensure low-cost solutions and a great user experience.

We’re here to help the next generation of world citizens secure their financial interests. Come experience the benefits of a ZeUPay account. We look forward to helping you.

CTO of ZeUPay
Martin Halvorsen

Chief Technology Officer

Pay Zones

Across Europe, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Our services are rolled out according to zones and licensing. ZeUPay is currently enrolling users across Europe, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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CTO of ZeUPay

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